When it comes to buying a car, choosing a suitably extended warranty is crucial for car buyers. Therefore, in this article, I am sharing the pros and cons of extended warranties that can help you make the final decision about extended warranties. An extended warranty is a protection plan that protects your vehicle after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is specially designed to give peace of mind to travelers on the road. Though an extended warranty is suitable for used and old cars, you can also purchase an extended warranty for brand new cars. Here are some merits and demerits of buying an extended warranty for your vehicle.

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Pros of extended warranties

Save you money on costly repairs: 

The vehicle has indeed become more reliable, but still, it is expensive to handle luxury cars. There are many things in a vehicle that has to maintain all the time. However, when you buy an extended warranty, you don’t have to bear such costly repairs. A recent study reveals that most car buyers cannot afford expensive repairs and maintenance. But with an extended warranty, you can manage the repair and maintenance expenses.

Keep your vehicle upgrade:

One of the significant benefits of an extended warranty is it keeps your vehicle in good condition always. An extended warranty allows you to fix smaller repairs and maintenance over time, which is beneficial for the performance of the vehicle. So when you have a well-maintained car, you don’t think to sell it.

Provide protection:

The benefit of using extended warranties for the vehicle is it ensures the protection and safety of your car on the road. The extended warranty offers plenty of services, in case your car breakdowns while traveling like towing services, hotel reservations and offer meals.

Cons of extended warranty

It’s not worth financially:

While the best extended car warranty can save you lots of money on repair and maintenance, but it is not suitable for the long term. Sometimes it may cost you more than the cost of repair and maintenance. In that case, buying an extended warranty is useless.

Extended warranty doesn’t cover everything:

Most people buy an extended warranty without reading the contract, and they are stuck with the plan. The fact is that an extended warranty doesn’t cover everything. Therefore, it is a good idea to read the extended warranty in detail before buying.