The R 5.2 Cadence Treadmill by Weslo

The R 5.2 Cadence Treadmill by Weslo

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Product Description

Being on a personal weight loss journey can be difficult to do without the aid of something such as a treadmill or another type of exercise equipment. It can be done, but it makes it more difficult and reliant on your body. With the help of a treadmill you will be able to show progress reports and take notes by doing it yourself instead of hiring a personal trainer and spending time and money at the local gyms. Many people have opted into purchasing some type of exercise equipment for their home for purposes of saving time and working around their schedule.

The Functions and Features

The R 5.2 is equip with a sixteen by fifty walking belt and is powered by a 2.5 HP motor. The deck is cushioned to give a more comfortable walk or run. There are two adjustable positions to help with inclines and challenging yourself. For those who are electronically inclined or learn quickly with electronic devices, they will find this extremely helpful with their weight loss journey as there are six apps that are built into this treadmill that were designed by personal trainers who were certified. The display is easy to read and the buttons are somewhat flush with the deck.

Reported R 5.2 Strengths

Sometimes you have to work out inside or at your own home due to schedule conflicts or having other responsibilities to take care of. The Cadence by Weslo gives you the cooperation of a gym but the freedom to work out whenever you can fit it in. There have been several consumer compliments regarding the durability of this product as several adults of average and higher weight have found that even jogging on this machine is comfortable. For people who live in areas where it stays cold longer or gets cold sooner, walking outside might not be a healthy choice. Consumers have reviewed and complimented this treadmill as being one of the best on the market for indoor walking during the winter.

Reported R 5.2 Weaknesses

Many consumers have found faults within the Cadence by Welso including within the LCD screen. Although the screen does tend to display the information correctly, it does not light up and many consumers find it hard to see. Upon arriving some people who have purchased this product online have noticed that the package itself has been damaged during shipping. For some consumers, they have witnessed the actual treadmill motor in shambles and broken and accused the shipping for this damage. Also, consumers have complained that there is no type of incline possible with this treadmill.

In Conclusion of the R 5.2 by Weslo

Consumers whom have purchased this treadmill have come to the conclusion that you get what you pay for, which is exactly what online shopping is intended for. Doing research from reviews on whether or not the product is the right fit can be the difference of purchasing something worth three hundred dollars such as this Weslo treadmill, or something worth a thousand dollars that may or may not be what you intended to purchase.