NewAir AW 281E Wine Cooler Review

NewAir AW 281E Wine Cooler Review

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Product Description

After a hard week of work there is nothing worse than coming in and finding out that your wine you thought had been in the fridge chilling was left on the side. It may be the definition of a first world problem but not having some chilled white wine waiting for you on a Friday is a nightmare! Fortunately you do not have to worry about remembering to chill your wine in the fridge any longer as there is a piece of kit which is dedicated to doing just this! Today in this review we will be looking at the NewAir AW 281E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler and seeing whether or not it is worth purchasing for your wine collection. If you enjoy a glass as much as I do then I can already imagine that the answer is going to be yes!

What features does it have? 

Well first things first you are going to need to be able to knock back an impressive amount of wine thanks to the huge capacity of the NewAir. It can hold up to 28 bottles of your favourite wine and chill them to the perfect temperature, really bringing out all of the aromas and flavours which may otherwise have been hidden. These 28 bottles are stacked in 6 pull out chrome racks so you will have easy access to your collection and the attractive black and stainless steel design should really compliment your home décor. This machine is displayed by Cooling Wine so you can see what it will look like! The compressor free cooling system means that quiet operation is ensured and the digital display panel can be found on the top of the cooler making it very easy to read and adjust. You won’t have to worry about the NewAir wasting energy either as the double paned doors insulate the interior whilst preventing any energy from escaping back out into the room.

What are the positives?

Considering this is a wine cooler at the lower end of the scale price wise it can be considered a bargain. Its large storage and ease of use are big plusses and they mean that almost anyone should be able to use the machine with ease. The longevity of the NewAir is also something worth mentioning, as customers have stated that they have used their coolers for years without issue.

What are the negative points?

Some of the complaints about this machine are small but they are still worth mentioning. It seems like it uses more energy than the manufactures claim and this could pose a problem if you are running things on a tight budget. The other issue mentioned more than once is the fact that due to the placement of the fan, you lose two spaces for wine as the fan protrudes out. Not a huge issue but an issue nonetheless.

What’s the conclusion? 

For anyone who drinks a lot of wine purchasing a cooler is a must. In the long term they can save you money and time and they will be a great talking point for your future parties!