Manitowoc NEO ice maker

Manitowoc NEO Ice Maker


Manitowoc NEO ice maker delivers in a big way, but in a small package size. Providing functionality, a compact size, performance, convenience, and intelligence, this mini unit is going to provide you with the ice storage you need, in an easy to use device. Regardless of whether you run a bar, cafe, a restaurant, or simply need the ice maker at home, it is powerful enough and offers sufficient storage for the additional ice you might require on short notice.

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Product Description

Improvements in performance, convenience, and intelligence have been made, meaning ice is produced quickly, and ensures you will have sufficient levels when you need it. Further, enhancements in motor speed help reduce costs of ownership, by making the unit cheaper to operate, even in fast paced establishments where it is being used. It uses less energy and water to produce ice, and a storage bin offers the industry’s leading storage capacity, improving efficiency when you need to make ice in a short turn around time.

NEO’s intelligence

What makes this unit different than others? For starters, it will inform you when the bin is full and when service is needed, with the indicator lights on the front of the unit. A delay function also gives you the option to pause the machine for different periods of the day. So, if your shop is closed, or you have sufficient ice levels, it will allow you to reduce energy consumption by pausing the machine. An available LuminIce Growth Inhibitor is also available with the ice maker unit. What does this intelligent function offer? It helps to control bacterial growth and yeast growth in the food zone. In turn, it is safe to use in any commercial setting, and won’t contaminate ice, foods, beverages, or any other items you serve on premises using the ice maker.

Peace of mind & convenience

This unit is extremely convenient. The forward sliding bin for storage allows you to quickly and easily access ice when you are in a hurry. And, if you have to reach refrigeration components, you won’t have to move everything on the ice machine to reach them. A smooth sealed food zone features a removable water trough, a damper door, and distribution tube, all making cleanup a breeze when your shift is over. You are fully covered with this small ice maker as well. You get a 5 year warranty for labor on the evaporator. You also receive 5 year parts coverage, 3 year coverage on the compressor, and 5 year coverage parts and labor on any other component of the machine according to

Whether it is your first ice maker or a replacement model, it is far superior to any product you have used in the past. It is efficient, functions quickly, and offers several convenience and efficiency features, so you save on the cost of operation, and so you never have issues with use. Regardless of where it will be set up, you are sure to enjoy using the new Manitowoc NEO ice maker.