Lifespan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk Review

Product Description

If you are working a desk job, where you sit for almost the entire time you are in the office, you may already have experienced some pain and discomfort in your legs, backs, and neck. This is not an ideal setup as prolonged sitting poses certain health risks that can lead to serious problems.

You have probably been reminded over and over again of the importance of staying active in order to be fit and healthy. However, how can you live a lifestyle like that if you have to spend 10 or so hours of your day doing paperwork, programming and coding, or performing other tasks that keep you seated and glued to your desk? A treadmill desk can help you out with that.

There are many websites that offer advice on treadmills — best brands available, buying guides, and so on. My personal favorite is Treadmill Trends, and I advise everyone to read everything on their website before looking at the specifics of the treadmill we’re about to review here.

What are its functions and features?

The Lifespan TR1200-DT5 has a spacious desktop area, so you will have enough room for your laptop, documents, and other stuff to do work while you walk. It also has the Intelli-Guard, which ensures your safety while you are walking or running on it.

Moreover, it can be manually adjusted to find the right height and position for you or anyone who uses it, promoting proper ergonomics, and minimizing back, neck, and shoulder problems. It also has a padded armrest, where you can find the treadmill controls, to provide ease, comfort, balance, and convenience.

Its treadmill has a pedometer feature, which counts every foot step you take, allowing you to keep track of your daily number of steps. If you want to follow or review your progress on the treadmill even when you are not using it, download the Active Trac app to your phone.

If you need to sync your work files and data, you can simply put your smartphone or other device over the treadmill’s desk controls, and your data will immediately sync, without hassle, thanks to its built-in Bluetooth technology.

What are the good things about this product?

Made from only top quality materials, the treadmill does not make noises that can distract the people around you. For this reason, it can be added to any office space, without impacting the productivity of the other workers.

Through regular use of this treadmill desk, you can lower your risk of developing various medical problems, particularly those that affect the heart and the muscles. Running and walking are good cardio exercises that can keep you safe from heart problems, regulate blood flow throughout your body, and help you burn calories and lose weight, so using this product at least an hour every work day should lead to noticeable, positive changes to your body and overall well-being in no time.

What are the bad things about this product?

Some people, particularly those that live paycheck to paycheck, may think that the Lifespan Treadmill Desk is not exactly cheap. They may have to save up for it for several months before they can afford it. At US$1,299.00, it is actually among the more reasonably-priced treadmill and standing desks in the market today, most especially if you consider the kind of high-end technology it has incorporated to its system.

Final words about the Lifespan TR1200-DT5

You can be productive at work and not be at risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and muscle aches and pains by getting a TR1200-DT5. Its long list of benefits should be more than enough to justify its cost.