Levana Jena Digital

Levana Jena Digital

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Levana Jena Digital is a baby monitor that is both video and audio, which Levana Jena Digital is a baby monitor that is both video and audio, which the manufacturer offers at a very cheap price for its marvelous and effective features. For it to function, you have to place a camera in your baby’s room then have the screen in your room. You will definitely love this super monitor once you read about its awesome features and design.

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Product Description

Levana Jena Digital monitor has an impressive battery, one that makes it outstanding in the wide price range that it falls. It is able to function for eight hours and still be functional for an extra duration. This is possible with the video on the whole time, giving you an opportunity to observe your baby for a whole night and enjoy the restful sleep your kid is experiencing. The battery goes for twelve hours, and even more if it is in the Peep mode. The Peep mode ensures that the screen is blank when your baby’s room is quiet, and alerts you once your baby makes some noise by bringing back the live video on the screen in your room.

It has a temperature monitor that reflects on the monitor’s onscreen display. The temperature is displayed in your preferred temperature language [whether Celsius or Fahrenheit]. This ensures that you are comfortable with the baby’s room temperature, which should be between 20 and 21 degrees Celsius, without necessarily going to the baby’s room.

Most babies appreciate some dim light in their room when they sleep, and so do parents that do not want to stumble into things as they go to check on the baby. The camera of the Levana Jena Digital , which you can find over here:, allows the nightlight that is preferred in the nursery during the night, thus saving you the struggle of additional adjusted bulbs.


The baby monitor has an excellent design that incorporates a Talk to Baby intercom, which allows your baby to hear your voice even when you are not in their room. This gives them a reassurance that you are still around, easing the nervousness of being alone.

Levana Jena Digital allows for three more cameras to be added, so that you have a total of four. This is especially helpful when your baby starts moving around and is not always glued to their room. It ensures that you can view four areas in your home where your baby is likely to be in at a go.

Five remote controlled lullabies are incorporated in the monitor that lure your baby to sleep. You can easily control and change the lullabies using your parent unit, thus don’t need to go to your baby’s room to change them and probably interrupt their oncoming sleep.

Ease of Use

The monitor is easy to install and adjust, and you do not need professionalism. You are able to control what happens in your baby’s room right from your room, making it convenient.


Levana Jena Digital baby monitor is an excellent model for its price. Almost every important feature is adjustable, including the sensitivity of the camera to either pick the slightest noise or just the louder ones. Definitely the perfect monitor for your baby.