Fire Sense Pyramid Flame Heater

Fire Sense Pyramid Flame Heater Review

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Product Description

Several occasions or events are planned around the warmer months so that people can enjoy the outdoors and not have a set building with limited space. The colder months may not see many outdoor events due to the temperature change and not everyone being able to withstand the cold. However, with a simple invention such as the patio heater, many people who once couldn’t be outside because of the cold are finding out that they can enjoy cooler evenings longer with this heat source.

Description and Details

With blasting 40,000 BTUs this propane patio heater can be used anywhere on the lawn, or on hard services such as patio porches, concrete, and gazebos. There is a safety shut off that triggers automatically if the patio heater is ever tilted. It comes with wheels that can be equipped to make the unit easy to move, however, they can also be left off. It uses propane, the standard twenty pound propane tanks that are used for barbeques will work ideally. The flame that comes through the center of the unit makes it look like real fire inside, but much safer.

The Positives of the Pyramid from Fire Sense

For the assembly of this pyramid unit made by Fire Sense, consumers have found that it may not be the easiest, but with reading the instructions thoroughly and then attempting to reread and assemble, has taken less time than just diving in and attempting to assemble this unit. The performance of this unit has been raved about. Consumers reported that this heater is ideal even though it doesn’t put off tons of heat. It takes the chill off of a cooler night and it looks very appealing. Although there are some quirks with the design, it is elegant looking and many consumers find it interesting to watch while enjoying company outdoors.

The Negatives of the Pyramid

One of the biggest negatives of this pyramid heater is that it takes so long to assemble. Many consumers have found that it takes up to two hours maximum to completely put together this unit. Some have done it quicker, but none in under an hour. If you aren’t close enough to the heater, at least two to three feet, then the value of heat is poor. Consumers have reported that the looks of the heater may be great, but the heat output is disappointing. Instead of being a heater, many have found that it is more or less to take the chill off of a cooler night instead of a really cold snowstorm.

The Conclusion

When searching for a great heating source, the pyramid from Fire Sense is a great choice. It not only puts off an adequate amount of heat but it is also very convenient and designed to go with any outside décor, even if there isn’t any at all. For approximately $216.00 you could be the next owner for a Fire Sense Pyramid and entertain your guests with the best patio heater in 2016, according to raving reviews!